Crew and Casting for Po' Psi Broke

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"Po' Psi Broke" short film

(Casting and Crewing)

Synopsis: A broad comedy about a rich freshman trying to get into a poor and PROUD fraternity! Think "Talledega Nights" meets "Old-School". Po' Psi Broke is a multi-gendered, multi-racial organization!

(Inspired by Kanye West's "Broke Phi Broke" skit)


Potential Production Date: Late-June OR mid-July (4-6 days)

This is a passion project. We are happy to offer our cast/crew food, credit and assistance with local travel.



Sat. May 13th, 2017 - 11:30am-4pm
Get Scenes Studio, Studio A
451 Bishop St NW
Atlanta, GA
Three (3) ways to audition!

1) Send in a video audition, using the sides below and an unlisted link on YouTube/Vimeo to the e-mail addresses below. Don't fret if the recording is not "professional". We are looking for actors, not camera(wo)men.

2) Come to the open casting call on Sat. May 13th, 2017 from 11:30am-4pm.

3) Schedule an audition on Sat. May 13th, 2017 (for seasoned actors only). To request a scheduled audition please send your resume, headshot and reel to the e-mail addresses below.

Step routine - We will ask those auditioning, in-person or via video, to do a simple step routine after the reading of your sides. You can learn a simple one from YouTube. Use this link or any simple, quick routine of your choice.

Please send all Video Auditions and Scheduling Requests to the following e-mails: AkiDee1217@gmail.com; actorivoryshields@gmail.com; buckingham1t@gmail.com


SIDES (roles with a * will need to demonstrate they can learn a step routine)

Tess - male, 16-24. Naive, wanting to prove himself,a gullible, upper middle-class freshman who is not happy with his situation in life.

Phil* - male, 20-30. Leader, eccentric, proud, confident but rigid boss. He's wise, but not as wise as he thinks.

Lala* - female, 18-25. Down-to-earth, genuine, caring, empathetic towards other people's views and beliefs.

Yarvis* - male, 18-25. A muscular man, proud but humble. a caretaker, passionate.

April* - female, 18-25. Materialistic, brash, dissmissive, putting herself before anyone else.

Frat/Soro members* - Male/Female, 18-30. Any ethnicity, any gender. Having fun, loving the people around them. No money in their lives. (please only choose 1 monologue)


We are looking for:

-1st AD/2nd AD
-Sound Mixer, Boom Op, utility
-Camera ops, 1st/2nd ACs
-Gaffer, Lighting Technicians
-Key Grip, Grips
-On-Set Photographer
-Script Supervisor
-Hair and Make-up
-SFX Technician
-Production Assistants

-Sound Editing

Please send all crew resumes to the following e-mails: chasi.sharice@gmail.com; AkiDee1217@gmail.com; actorivoryshields@gmail.com;

Please stay tuned for more information about our next production of "Underground"

Click Here for the Production History of "Underground"

Film - 21 awards, including 2 Student Emmys (one for music).
Theatre - 4 productions in NYC, Atlanta and North Carolina.

Production Clips:


21x award-winning Short Film

"Underground", 21x Award-Winning short film from Akil DuPont on Vimeo.

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